Who we are

Seedlings is a small, independent, Montessori pre-primary that prides itself on providing the intimate and supporting learning environment needed to ignite a life-long desire to learn. Our small class sizes allow teachers the time and freedom needed to inspire the joy of learning as we understand that each child is unique, special and growing at their own pace.

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Our philosophy

The Montessori educational philosophy,based on scientific observations of how children learn, is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional teaching methods around the globe. It provides a holistic approach to education which values all areas of the child's development: physical, social, cultural and cognitive.

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Our mission

We believe that learning is a fun-filled journey of development where the ultimate goal is to develop engaged and independent thinkers. The intimate setting our small Seedlings class sizes offer ensures the creation of a caring supportive learning environment that inspires the intrinsic desire to learn, ignites the spark of creativity and ensures each child's emotional well-being.

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Our Daughter loves Seedlings so much, she often moans at her dad for picking her up early, as she enjoys school so much. She has grown at astronomical rate and it’s all thanks to the dedicated team at Seedlings at Play.
Kaye Higgo
There is a lot I could say about Seedlings @ Play and how both my children have developed and grown during their time there. I am always amazed at the levels of patience and respect shown to the children and how learning is all about the child, not the adult. I think that approach to learning and education is amazing. The level of self-confidence my children now have in their own ability to do things, whether it is dressing, tidying up or doing a specific task, is astonishing. Through Seedlings they have become independent and have developed a deep sense of pride in everything they do. The balance between English and Afrikaans at the school is another thing that makes Seedlings stand out. As a bilingual pre-school it is incredibly balanced. My daughter, whose home language is Afrikaans, can now hold a conversation about almost anything in English and I have also witnessed the improvement in her English best friend’s Afrikaans. To be confidently bilingual before school is such an important achievement and Seedlings has enabled this. I would highly recommend Seedlings to anyone looking for a place for their kids to be happy and grow.
Jani de Koker
We feel very fortunate to have our kids attending Seedlings @ Play. Besides the fact that they are super happy there and cannot wait to go to school each morning, we have found that they have developed a lot due to a fun filled education programme. The staff have the utmost respect for the children. They are friendly, very helpful and are always supervising the children to ensure their safety. We can, without doubt, recommend this school to any parent who wants only the best for their kids.
Marco de Koker
Our daughter, Kiki, was 18 months old when she started at Seedlings @ Play. Before she started we were concerned because she was very scared of new people, but the team there made her feel so ‘at home’ on her first day that by the second day she was screaming to be taken into school! That was a huge revelation for us! It makes every Mum’s heart more at ease knowing her child wants to go to school. The impact the school has had on Kiki’s language abilities is phenomenal. She now speaks better than the majority of her peers, can identify most of the alphabet and can count in both English and Afrikaans to ten. She is also able to write some of the letters of the alphabet, all this and she is only 2 years and 3 months! I firmly believe Montessori is the way to go, it has enabled her to become so independent at home. She now actively wants to do everything, especially helping around the house and taking her own plate to the kitchen after she finishes eating – no 2 year old does things like that! Seedlings and Montessori has taught this, enabling her to become independent and the best version of herself. So I would definitely recommended Montessori and Seedlings @ Play to anyone that has a child who needs to go to pre-school. They are really amazing and the set up is so great, the kids feel so at home and are excited about going school every day.
Marieke Meiring
Our son’s physical, mental and social development and growth during the past year has been astounding and I credit all of it to Seedlings. I delivered a shy and introverted little boy to their door and they have handed me back a socially confident, actively engaged child who simply loves to learn, explore and discover. Seedlings is an exception Montessori school ran by a team of hard working, passionate and caring teachers. As a parent I couldn’t ask for more.
Katy La Grange