Paarl is home to a number of exceptional Montessori schools, here is what makes Seedlings stands out.

We believe a low child-to-adult ratio ensures our teachers have the opportunity to fully observe and respond to the learning needs of each and every one of our students. As we understand that each child is unique, special and growing at their own pace.

Csilla de Klerk

Paarl is home to a number of exceptional Montessori pre-primary schools, of which Seedlings is one. What makes us stand out is our commitment to providing an intimate learning environment, within which our seedlings can develop. Small class sizes allow our teachers the time and freedom needed to inspire the joy of learning. it enables them to nurture the intellectual enthusiasm academic success yields, to ignite the spark of creativity in growing minds and to ensure each child’s emotional well-being.

Our mission

Ultimately, we believe that learning is a fun-filled journey of development where the ultimate goal is to develop engaged and independent thinkers. The intimate setting our small Seedlings class sizes offer ensures the creation of a caring and supportive learning environment that inspires the intrinsic desire to learn, where the focus is on the whole child, their physical, social, cultural and cognitive growth.

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