Meet our Team

Show and Tell

Children bring items from their weekend, or things with an education value, to talk about during circle time. This really helps with building confidence and self-esteem, broadening their world from the classroom to the outside world and connecting the dots between time spent at school and at home.


Teacher Ilze specialises in art. Every term she will introduce the children to different artistic mediums & new creative experiences, using projects designed to complement that term/week’s theme. Art benefits the child by:

  1. Promoting creativity
  2. Encouraging neural connections
  3. Building fine motor skills
  4. Helps develop problem solving abilities
  5. Helping them understand ‘themselves’ and ‘their world’
  6. Helping them connect
  7. Helping them learn about colour mixing
  8. Promotes sensory input (messy art)


Is a fun way of getting active and developing the key gross motor and fine motor skills needed in later life. It benefits the children in numerous ways, in their physical, mental and brain development. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • General fitness
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Joint and core stability
  • Proprioception

Experiment of the week

Every week we do a new experiment that has relevance to the week’s theme, or the world around us. Using experiments is a great way of educating through entertaining, as the children find this method of learning fascinating and fun.

Tuck Shop

Is a great way of introducing money, counting and entrepreneurship. Each week a different seedling takes responsibility for the tuck shop, bringing the goodies they will sell to their classmates and then dealing with the exchange of these goods for money. Tuck shop benefits the child by:

  • Giving them the opportunity to back or make something that their peers will then value
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Provides a task for parents and children to bond overstated
  • Learning tool in terms of the value of money, shopping ethics (queuing)
  • Developing the sense of choice

Tuck shop is R10 a week and all money raised goes to buying new Montessori equipment for the school.