It has been 10 years since Csilla first stepped into the Montessori training college where she had her ‘ahh-ha’ moment and knew Montessori teaching was her calling. In just under a decade she has transformed from assistant Directress at Carnegie House Riebeek Kasteel to head Directress at Montessori@home, before taking the plunge and opening her own Montessori pre-school: Seedlings@Play.

For me, it is the child centred approach that elevates Montessori above the traditional pre-school alternatives. Children are seen as individuals so there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach, as we understand each child learns differently and progresses at their own rate. Instead of forcing learning upon our pupils, by standing at the front of the class and dictating what to do, when to do it and how long they can continue. We observe and guide the child, nurturing their intrinsic desire to learn through discovery and exploration. Ultimately it’s not about getting a set amount of “work” done, it is about laying the foundations for a life time of learning.”

Csilla’s passion for the Montessori approach is contagious, “I simply love the way Montesorri looks at the whole child. Their cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development. The framework it provides ensures children who pass through the educational process come out as confident, able, socially adaptable, independent learners. I truly believe, starting Seedlings was an investment in not only mine and my son’s future, but the future of every child that walks through these doors.”

Under Csilla’s guidance Seedlings@play provides the stimulating, nurturing and educational environment children need to discover, develop and grow. It is not just the children who are learning and flourishing, the school itself is developing alongside them. With Csilla constantly looking for new and exciting ways to bring the Montessori principles to life. The impact of this can be seen in the faces of the pupils, their parents and the staff. All of whom have been converted to the Montessori way of doing things by this passionate, enthusiastic and talented Montessori Directress.