After a decade of working in Montessori pre-schools Desiré can’t imagine any other way, “the idea of standing in front of a class of children in a traditional school and forcing them to do the same thing, the same way, to an extent that I think is appropriate – doesn’t appeal to me, I can’t imagine that!”

For Desiré, the beauty of Montessori is that it is still as intriguing for her as it is for the kids. “Watching them explore, discover, learn and grow, ensures I grow too. Every day I learn as they do, that is what makes Montessori special. The children are able to take the lead and are not held back by limitations we might set if we were teaching them traditionally.”

It’s well known that teaching is not just a job, it’s a calling. To be a good teacher you need to be passionate, enthusiastic and always looking to learn. To be a great teacher you need to love every second of what you are doing and put in everything that you have. After all you are responsible for educating future generation. Desiré falls into the second category, she is a great assistant Directress and Seedlings@play is very lucky to have her.