After exploring America, artist Ilze has decided to put down roots at Seedlings where she is currently in training to become a Montessori directress. “Since I was young I have helped my mum at her pre-school, so I have always had a passion for children and learning. What’s drawn me to Montessori is the way it treats the children as individuals. They are not put in a box and told what and how they should learn. They are allowed to explore the learning environment and through discovery they intrinsically grow a love for learning. This is what makes Montessori special and different from the traditional approaches.”

Ilze’s artistic nature adds another dimension to the Seedlings team, through her creativity and enthusiasm the children have a new outlet to express themselves. Producing masterpieces that give us a glimpse into how they see the world around them.

For me what makes Seedlings stand out is the individual attention we can give every child thanks to the small class size. This allows them to flourish as we can spend time observing them and identifying areas where they need guidance and the things they are passionate about, through which we can introduce more complex learning experiences like language and maths.”

Ilze may only be at the beginning of her Montessori journey, but it is already clear to see that she has a natural gift when it comes to working within the Montessori framework for learning. Her gentle nature, warm attitude and positive approach makes her a real credit to the School and it is easy to understand why the children love her.